The Big 4 - Visualization

Booster Progress

As was mentioned previously,
elite athletes have been applying visualization skills to
improve performance for many years.

Both imagined and real life environments have a powerful effect on our nervous system.

When we practice visualization, we gain better access to the information that is stored in our brains.

It is helpful to use all senses and emotions associated with performance. Therefore, the more realistic the exercise (be it a live exercise or a mental script), the more likely it is that the required pathways in the brain will be created.

Visualization is used to rehearse situations and strategy,
and to prepare for the challenge ahead.

Visualization involves mentally preparing yourself for the “what ifs”.

This is not about being negative and becoming overwhelmed,
rather it is predicting possible problems and working out a solution in advance.

This technique helps us to see success and motivate us,
manage our arousal levels, perfect skills and training, refocus, and prepare.

Let’s practice visualization.